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Rise and Recline Chairs

We have a substantial display of rise and recline chairs in our Trudoxhill and Warminster showrooms for you to try out for comfort and size. We also offer a free assessment and made to measure service on both our domestic and healthcare chairs.

The difference between a single motor rise and recline chair and a dual motor rise and recline chair is simply that on the dual motor rise and recline chair you can adjust the foot plate and back recline independently of each other. There are also different types of actions on rise and recline chairs such as tilt in space and wall hugger, these can be explained in more detail to you when visiting us. Neither type of action or number of motors is better than another, what is important is that the chairs suits the user perfectly, and somtimes this will be a single motor rise and recliner or a dual motor rise and recliner.

For help and advice just call either of our showrooms on 01373 836165.

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